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CCS Box Top Due Date Schedule 2018 – 2019


Classroom Due Date for Box Tops      (from Parents)
Folder drop off to PTF President Mailbox deadline
Box Tops & completed CollectionSheed Due in PTF President's Mailbox deadline          (from Volunteer Counters) 

Tuesday, 9/11/18


Wednesday, 9/19/18

Tuesday, 10/16/18


Wednesday, 10/24/18

Tuesday, 11/13/18


Wednesday, 11/28/18

Tuesday, 1/15/19


Wednesday, 1/23/19

Tuesday, 2/19/19


Tuesday, 2/26/19

Tuesday, 3/19/19


Wednesday, 3/27/19

Tuesday, 5/7/19


Wednesday, 5/15/19


Box Tops clipping requirements:
  • Box Tops should be cut out in a rectangle, not ripped from box to help with counting all the class Box Tops.
  • Parents should send Box Tops taped to Box Tops Collection Sheets (or in bundles collected in small Ziploc bags).  The box tops will be collected in a classroom folder by the teacher and then the Classroom Parent will check it and coordinate to get it dropped to the PTF mailbox by the folder drop-off deadlinePlease do not send expired box tops - we can't use them.
  • The Classroom Parent can make copies of the collection sheets and distribute to classroom parents if they prefer that method.
Classroom Parent duties for collection of Box Tops in their classroom:
  • Coordination with Teacher: The Classroom Parent should check with the teacher to make sure that they have the Box Tops collection folder. Reach out to your teacher to let them know when you plan to come by the class to pick up Box Tops or ask them to send the Box Tops folder to you in your child’s folder. (You will need to check the folder, make sure it’s organized, fill out the sheet and send back to the teacher – or drop off in the PTF President’s mailbox the NEXT day. See “Turning in Box Tops” below)
  • Communication/Coordination with Parents: Email parent reminders to send in Box Tops in their child’s homework folder by the Classroom Due Date to help the classroom win a CCS Spirit Dress Day.
  • Turning in Box Tops: Collect the Box Tops folder from your teacher on the Classroom Due Date. Organize all the loose Box Tops into bundles of 50 per zip lock baggie, removing expired box tops. Fill out the “Box Tops Collection Sheet” provided and turn folder into the PTF President’s mailbox the NEXT day.
  • Box Top Classroom Winners: The class that has collected the most Box Tops will be announced in the Covenant Connection to win a CCS Spirit Dress Day.  Note:  The Classroom Parent of the winning class must coordinate the Spirit Dress Day with the teacher.