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Redirect Your Tax Dollars to CCS

What is the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program?

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit (HB 1133) was passed into law in the summer of 2008 to improve educational opportunities in Georgia. For 2019, the state has increased the tax credit from $58 million to $100 million in credits to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Under this law, every Georgia taxpayer has the option to redirect a portion of their Georgia income tax liability to a Student Scholarship Program (SSO) to provide financial aid assistance to a private school of their choice.

Participants will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their Georgia income taxes and a charitable deduction on their federal income taxes for the amount donated.  See chart below for tax credit amounts allowed.

Who qualifies for the scholarship?
Incoming students who are currently enrolled in a public school or any rising prefirst, kindergarten, first grade, or have been home-schooled, who qualify for need-based financial aid at CCS, are eligible to receive funds.  The school distributes the monies raised.

How May I Redirect My Georgia Tax Dollars?
Covenant Christian School has partnered with Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund, a state-approved Student Scholarship Organization, to enable the CCS community to take advantage of this program.



A single individual or a head of household will receive a credit against their Georgia Income tax liability in an amount equal to the actual amount expended or $1,000 per tax year, whichever is less.

Married Filing Jointly:

The amount of the tax credit is equal to the actual amount expended or $2,500 per tax year, whichever is less.

Corporate Donor:

For “S” corporations, LLCs and Partnerships, or for anyone who receives income through a pass-through entity, the amount of the tax credit is equal to the actual amount expended or $10,000, per individual, per tax year, whichever is less.

How to Participate in the Tax Credit Program

Paperless Forms

Printed Forms 

Mail, Fax, or Email the two forms to Apogee at:
Apogee Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 117183
Atlanta, GA  30368-7183
Fax: 404-419-7101

Apogee will remain in touch with you throughout the process and notify you by email (or letter if an email address is not provided) when your tax credit application is approved.  To finalize your participation, Apogee must receive your payment within 60 days of the state’s approval, either by mail to the Apogee address or online with a credit card at  Checks should be made payable to the Apogee Scholarship Fund.

Your participation in the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program benefits Covenant Christian School but is not considered a donation to the Annual Fund.  For the tax credit contribution, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you file your Georgia state income tax forms for the year of the credit, as well as a charitable tax contribution to Apogee, when you file your federal income taxes.  Your support of both programs helps Covenant Christian School meet its financial obligations.

For more information go to the Apogee website.




Phenette Pugh
Head of School
Covenant Christian School

John Panessa
Apogee Scholarship Fund