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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you offer?  CCS serves grades K4-8.  The 2020/21 school year has 139 students
How many students are in each class? Our ideal student: teacher: ratio is between 12:1 and 18:1 depending on grade.
What is your tuition range?  For the 2021/2022 school year, the tuition range is $7589-$12,082 based on grade.
Do you offer financial aid?  CCS offers partial tuition assistance to qualified families.
Do you offer a family tuition discount?  CCS does not offer a family tuition discount, but we do offer early registration incentives to parents and a longevity discount to our students each year.  This is in addition to Financial Aid that can be applied for by any family that has applied to CCS.
What is the admissions testing process?  All students applying to enter K4-8th grades will be scheduled to complete a time of evaluation with our principal.  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if a student will have the opportunity to be successful in the program.  Evaluations are scheduled on an individual basis once all application fees and forms are submitted.
Is Covenant affiliated with any church denomination?  Covenant Christian School began as a mission of Smyrna Presbyterian Church.  We are currently an individual entity (501(c)3) but we still receive support from SPC. Parents do not need to be members of this church to attend, however, at least one parent must be an active member of a Christian, Bible-believing church for a student to be considered for enrollment.
Can students enter CCS in the Logic School (7th & 8th grade)?  Yes
How do you integrate computers and technology into the classrooms and curriculum?  All students at CCS participate in the Science of Computers Program.  Here they will learn not only basic computer skills but also block coding, keyboarding, elements of Microsoft Office, and the Google Classroom Platform.
With the onset of the global pandemic, we have updated our technology to provide live, virtual classes while still offering face to face classes for those in attendance at school.
What specials do you offer?  In addition to Computers, students also have weekly opportunities in the Library, Music, Art, and PE.  Grades 4-8 are offered strings as part of the music program.
How do you approach homework?  Homework is an opportunity to practice and develop skills related to concepts being taught in the classroom.  Covenant parents agree to be an active part in their child's education when they enroll, so homework also provides a way for parents to participate in the process.
Do you administer standardized testing and if so, where do CCS students rank in the scores?  CCS students take the Stanford Achievement Test each Spring.  CCS students consistently surpass the national average scores on the Stanford in the content areas of math, language and reading. Our students, on average, fall within the top 30% of all students nationwide taking this test.
Do you offer any extra-curricular activities?  Normally, extra-curricular activities are offered during After School Programming and include sewing, Spanish, performing arts, Bricks 4 Kids LEGO Club, as well as some athletic and fitness opportunities.  Due to the global pandemic, we are not offering any Afterschool Activities for the 2020-2021 year.  We are evaluating throughout our year and will update as we have new information.
Do you offer breakfast and lunch?  Students have the option of bringing their lunch or using our vendor, Chef Advantage, to purchase lunches.  We do not offer breakfast.
Do the students wear uniforms?  Yes, our students wear uniforms.  CCS contracts with Uniform Source and French Toast Uniforms.  A link to their websites can be found in the Parents section of our website.  We also offer a wide range of gently worn uniform pieces at a lower price.
Does Covenant have a school library?  Yes, we have a dedicated library that houses our collection of rich, time-tested literature.  All students visit the library with their class once a week but may also visit and use the library as a resource when needed.
Are there leadership opportunities for Logic School students?  Leadership is highly encouraged at Covenant. Logic students may participate in Student Council, the Covenant Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, lead/direct Chapel, work with younger students as 'skills buddies', peer tutoring, etc.
Where do most students go after completing 8th grade at CCS?  Our students go on to attend a variety of schools including the top private schools in Metro Atlanta, Cobb County Magnet Schools, and traditional public schools.
What education levels and qualifications do your teachers have and what are their professional development opportunities?  All teachers have Bachelor’s degrees and some teachers have Master’s degrees. Teachers have proven classroom experience and participate in ongoing professional development.
How do you ensure safety on campus?  Our campus doors are always locked during the extended school day.  We have security cameras at our entrances.  We hold regular safety drills for fire, tornados, and unauthorized persons on campus.  CCS also hosts the Smyrna PD in classrooms for safety talks each year.
What is your discipline policy?  Incidents of misconduct within the classroom will be handled by the teacher in charge, who will follow up with the student as indicated.  If the consequences provided by the teacher are ineffective in changing negative behavior, the Principal will get involved to help the child and parents by providing more serious consequences such as an on-campus suspension.  If further disciplinary action is required, the Head of School will work with parents to create an improvement plan that may include consequences of at home suspensions.  If the previous actions do not create a change in the child's negative behavior, the Head of School may permanently dismiss the student from CCS.