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Volunteer Reporting Page
  • Covenant Parents: Thank you for your service to our school!  Please record your hours below. For a list of available service opportunities, visit the Parents Page.  Please note:  The Volunteer Incentive program only counts hours from PTF events(events with *).   All other service is greatly appreciated but not applicable towards the program.  You must sign in/out with the chair of the event for the hours to be valid.  The chair will validate your hours.  See the Volunteer Incentive Program link on the PTF page for full details       
    If you do not see the service opportunity for which you volunteered, please contact the PTF at
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2017-2018 Parent

Volunteer Honor Roll:

Laree Dean - 2 hours
Madelyn Dean - 15 hours
Angela Gwyn - 4 hours
Valerie Jarrett - 8 hours
Michelle Pugh - 1.5 hours
Erica Salter - 14 hours