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2022-2023 School Year
  • Piano Lessons taught to all ages by Mr. Bynoe.  Currently all spaces are full but be sure to check back for availability January 2023.  You can reach him at 
  • Student Council: Available to elected students in grades 6-8th.
  • National Junior Honor Society: Available to students in the Logic School that qualify academically.
  • National Junior Art Honor Society: Available to students in the Logic School that qualify.


The After-School Enrichment Activities for the 2nd Semester of the 22/23 School Year:
  • Dance Class K- 2nd grades
  • CCS FITT CLUB (agility training)
  • STEAM program
  • Kid's Chess K -5th grades

See Below for Specifics and Registrations as they become available.

Jump to the Rhythm (Dance Class)

Grades K-2, Cost $265 for the Spring Semester

Description: David and Dejah are professional dancers with a heart for teaching for the youth.  Our goal is that our students will always strive to take what they are taught to new levels, endlessly exploring the world of creativity. This program will be focusing on dance education, basic technique, body awareness, fitness, and creativity.  This will be accomplished through stretching, basic warm-up exercises, drills, choreography, and freestyling. Aside from dance, students will learn  positive words of the day which Promotes self esteem, confidence, and positive thinking. We will have an end of the program Showcase.  (Min of 10 kids and Capped at 25 )

More information about us:

Registration: or


Registration: Email Coach Cleaves at

STEAM Program

Cost: $275

Registration: Opening Soon (

Curriculum: 11 Week program 2/2/23-4/20/23 (3:30-4:30)

Catapult - Students will design their own catapult 
Mini Volcanos - Students will learn what a chemical reaction is and how volcanoes form
Solar System Plates - Students will learn about each plate and create their own solar system 
Bouncy Ball- Students will learn how to create a bouncy ball from scratch and learn what force is
Mazes - Students will learn how to make a maze only using 3 items and creating a path for a marble
Marshmallows & Sticks - Students will learn how to make different shape using only 2 items and also learning how to make them 3D
Rocket & Pinwheel- Students will learn how to make toys using simple items that they can engage with 
Slime - Students will learn about mucus and why it is important. After they will make slime using 3 ingredients to replicate mucus
Make Ice Cream - Students will learn how to make ice cream from scratch 
Straws,Pennies, and a Cup- Students will have to engineer a base and a cup to hold as much pennies as possible 
Shaving Cream Painting - Students will create a painting using shaving cream and food coloring 


CCS Read-A-Thon