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Elementary school holds the building blocks of a quality education.  At CCS, our elementary school, or grammar school as it is called in the classical methodology, takes children’s natural curiosity and propensity to soak up knowledge and transforms it into planted seeds of education.  Using teaching tools such as guided discovery, singing, field trips, and hands-on learning, our teachers guide and nurture the education of our students in a way that promotes a love of learning.

The CCS grammar school is K4 – 6th grade and includes specials such as music, art, and physical education.  Starting back in 2017-2018, students began learning Latin in 3rd grade.  Latin is an important language to learn for many reasons, but especially because it helps to increase the linguistic skills and understanding and it teaches students a method of learning that will help with any subject they study.

Contrary to popular thought, Latin is not really a dead language; it is just hidden well in other languages that go by different names.  Over 80% of the English language comes from Latin and Greek roots.  Over 70% of the English language is derived from strictly Latin roots.  English vocabulary tests reveal that students who study Latin score higher than students of other foreign languages.  When a student studies Latin first, any language he or she chooses to study next will be much easier, especially if it is one of the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese) because they derive as much as 90% of their vocabulary from Latin.

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