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CCS Head of School, Dr. Robert Barber

Hello, and welcome to Covenant Christian School! I am blessed to be part of the wonderful team of parents, faculty, staff, and students here at CCS. We believe that the golden thread that ties the local church, family, and Christian school together is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). As we help our students study God's world, we are firmly committed to helping our students become disciples with wisdom and eloquence to shape the culture of their generation for Christ. While there are many excellent private and Christian schools in the Atlanta area, we believe there are three distinctives that set CCS apart from the rest. We call these the three essential ingredients of the Covenant Difference.

Our first priority is to be Christ-centered in all that we do. We believe God's truth is inherent in and revealed by everything He has created for us to study (Psalm 19:1). Our diligent teachers love to help their students discover and apply God's truth as it is revealed in every subject area. It is our priority to pass on a hunger for Biblical truth to our students so they will be successful learners wherever God leads them after graduation from CCS. 

Another distinctive of CCS is our commitment to classical and Christian education. We believe the best way to train up God's children is to teach them in the way that God has made them to learn. The classical model's developmental stages of learning, known as the Trivium (grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric) are western cultural terms for the Biblical model of learning (knowledge, understanding, and wisdom). Our teachers and parents thoroughly enjoy helping students progress through these Biblical stages of learning as they master the skills of logic and reasoning that will empower them to resist the anti-Christian culture that surrounds them and to impact their world for Christ.

CCS is also set apart from other schools by our reliance on the principles and doctrines of the reformed faith. Though we are interdenominational in spirit and welcome Christian families from many different churches, we are humbled and pleased to stand on the firm foundation laid by the church that keeps us Bible-based, Christ-centered, and convenantally ordered.

Thank you for taking a first look at Covenant Christian School. I hope we've stirred your interest and we invite you to come visit with us so we can show and tell you more about the Covenant Difference. Perhaps the Lord is moving you to become part of the wonderful learning community here at CCS.

You can reach me at the school office, 770-435-1596, or email me at



Rev. Dr. Robert S. Barber

Head of School


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