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Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee was established to support the transition of Covenant Christian School into an independent organization while also building a robust support structure around the school. Since the committee kickoff on Monday, April 24, 2023, the committee has been diligently developing strategies and action plans towards achieving outlined goals and creating a bright future for our beloved school. 

To ensure a comprehensive approach, six subcommittees led by passionate parents, teachers, and community members have been formed:
· Governance
· Fundraising
· Strategic planning
· Stakeholder and Community Engagement
· Facilities
· Marketing & Communications

Our overarching goals encompass recruiting new board members, developing a robust fundraising plan, formulating a comprehensive 3-5 year strategic plan, fostering collaboration between the school community and stakeholders, and supporting the search for a new school location. Over the summer months the committee will continue to hold a series of regular subcommittee and strategy committee-wide meetings to ensure proper execution of our plans. 

Strategic Planning Committee Members:
·   Alexis Booth
·   Connie Cameron
·   Courtney Stephenson
·   Courtney Walsh
·   Daphne Valcin
·   David & Joni Reed
·   Ijeoma Obilo Faison
·   Karena Altice
·   Kelly Russell-Tutty
·   Kiana Woods
·   Mark Jackson
·   Phenette Pugh
·   Robbin Fowler
·   Scott Crooks
·   Shannon Walker


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