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Head of School: Phenette Pugh

Classical, Christ-centered, and Reformed Education. This is the Covenant Difference.  
As an educator, I know the value of this distinctive approach to learning. At CCS, we honor our charge to inspire students to think critically in each stage of development, from the primary grades through their high school education. In doing so, the faculty at CCS is committed to challenging our learners to reach their full potential while they are most naturally receptive to learning. We achieve this goal by providing an environment that stimulates winsome and intellectual curiosity and generates an enthusiasm for learning. The efforts put into preparing engaging lessons and classroom discussions are reciprocated when students are self-motivated to develop a work ethic that reflects the end goal of achievement desired by all: parents, students, and teachers.

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Office Manager: Kristen Proctor

Business Manager: Angeline Woodard

Admissions and Development Specialist: Connie Cameron


Faculty K4-8th Grades



K4 Teacher: Erma Carter

K4 Teacher: Joy Harrison

K5 Teacher: Laurel Bates

1st Grade Teacher: E'Dwina Piggott 

1st Grade Teacher: Jasmyn Piggott

2nd Grade Teacher: Heidi Norrell

3rd & 4th Grade Teacher: Renee Campbell 

5th Grade Teacher: Mackenzie Elmore

6th-8th Grade Teacher: Benita Harsh

6th-8th Grade Teacher: Cynthia Ray

Faculty Specials

Faculty Development Specialist & Art Teacher K4-8th Grades: Alexis Booth

K4 Teacher Aide & After Care: Chantel Boisseau

Computer Science Teacher: Angela Bumgarner

PE Coach: Matthew Kohler

Librarian: Sherri Mitchell

Music Teacher: Allan Bynoe

Bible Teacher 6-8th Grade: Bobby Valcin

After Care: Taina Mercedes

Summer Hours