Activities Spring 2018

Welcome to after-school enrichment activity offerings for Spring 2018. This year, the activities are scheduled by semester.
Spring semester sessions will start the week of Monday, 1/8 and end on Friday, 4/27.
Click on activity links below for more information and to pre-register.


Monday Activities:


3:30 Classes:

Monday Sewing Class (1st - 5th)

Lingual Kids Spanish Class (K5 - 2nd)

RoadRunners Club (K5 - 3rd)

3:45 Class:

Girls Scouts Troop (K5 - 5th) - Monthly


Tuesday Activities:


3:30 Class:

Tuesday Sewing Class (1st - 5th)

3:45 Classes:

Chess 2 Children (K5 - 8th)

RoadRunners Club (4th - 8th)


Thursday Activities:


3:30 Classes:

Kids-Tech Class (2nd - 6th)

Jitterbug Performing Arts (K4 - 3rd)

Thursday Sewing Class (1st - 5th)

3:45 Class:

Basketball Club (4th - 8th)


Friday Activities:


3:30 Classes:

Basketball Fundamentals (K5 - 3rd)

Bricks 4 Kidz - LEGO Club (K4 - 5th)

Crochet Club (2nd - 8th)