From the Head of School

CCS Head of School, Robert Barber

Hello, and welcome to Covenant Christian School! My wife and I are very excited about being led here to CCS and for the opportunity to become part of such a great learning community. I look forward to being part of a team that is dedicated to providing Biblically-based education in the classical tradition and training students in the necessary disciplines to become Kingdom disciples in our culture.

The most exciting thing about CCS is its commitment to classical and Christian education. I believe the best way to train up God’s kids is to teach them in the way that God has made them to learn. The classical model’s developmental stages of learning, known as the Trivium (grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric) are simply western cultural terms for the Biblical model of learning, (knowledge, understanding, and wisdom). It’s exciting to watch students progress through these stages of learning and I look forward to helping to increase parents’ understanding, participation, and support of their children as maturing learners with us here at CCS.

The most foundational thing about CCS is its commitment to Biblical truth at the core of all learning. God’s truth is inherent in and revealed by everything His children might possibly study. Master teachers are able to demonstrate the indispensability of Biblical truth to students so they learn to build their own lives on the foundation of His Word and mature into Biblically reasoning and culture shaping disciples of Jesus Christ.

I believe the Lord has some great things in store for us and my wife and I are blessed and thankful for His leading us to this exciting new place of servant leadership. I would love to meet you in person and to help you find a way to become part of the wonderful learning community here at CCS.

You can reach me at the school office, 770-435-1596 or email me at



Rev. Dr. Robert S. Barber

Head of School